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Katie Jayne embodies the new generation of country artists making waves on the Australian scene.

Who is Katie Jayne

Who is Katie Jayne?

Based in the Hunter Valley, country artist, Katie Jayne is best known for her fun, high energy band performances and authentic social media presence. Her soulful voice, unforgettable melodies, and magnetic stage presence, combined with her band’s exceptional musicianship, will leave you wanting more!
A champion of women, her songs lead the listener on a journey of girl power style sass through to a vulnerable relatability. Exploring an autobiographical writing style, Katie writes songs for girls just like her while drawing inspiration from the likes of Miranda Lambert, The Chicks and Dolly Parton.
A favourite in the digital landscape, and recent 2022 Toyota Star Maker finalist, her music sits at over 1 million streams. Combine that with multiple top 20 radio placements and many notable festivals under her belt, Katie continues to go from strength to strength.

The longer story:

Fun and a bubbly with a charm that leads the audience through complex emotional ballads back to high-energy party tunes, Katie is a songwriter that will leave you dancing. Her second single No Shadow is a sassy girl-power anthem which scored over 450,000 streams on Spotify, high rotation on CMC and landed in the KIX COUNTRY Top 20 chart.

With her third single, Use Me, released March 29th 2019, audiences are treated to a softer more vulnerable side to her writing. The video gained 20,000 views in the first 24 hours of release alone and the single charted at #2 on the iTunes charts, sitting at over 330,000 streams on Spotify. Use Me also reached top 10 status on KIX Country proving to be a stand out track for the young artist. “This song is my heart laid bare but I think that we can all relate to the message in one way or another” - Katie Jayne.

With COVID impacting on live shows, Katie took that the time to work on new material with her sixth single Why Can't You Love Me? Paying homage to her country roots, Katie pours her heart out in this emotional ballad. Written by Katie and produced by Gareth Hudson (Hazy Cosmic Jive), it’s a song without a happy ending. Why Can’t You Love Me? speaks to the heartache of feeling like you don’t belong and letting your worth be defined by the people around you. 

Offering #7 comes in the form of upbeat party track, Drunk Dial. Gaining the artists first number 1, Drunk Dial is a song every one can relate to. 

The future looks bright for Katie Jayne, with a new sound emerging with 2023 singles Boys Lie and Booty Call, be sure to keep an eye out for what's next in 2024!
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